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Orchard Medical Associates is pleased to announce that we now offer aesthetic services. "Orchard Laser Hair Removal & Aesthetics" provides laser hair removal, laser facials, photo rejuvenation, age/sun spot removal, and spider vein removal. Please visit us on our website www.orchardlaser.com or on our Facebook page.

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Our mission at Orchard Medical Associates LLC is to promote and preserve your good health. We understand that wellness is achieved through a combination of expert medical care and attentive disease prevention. Therefore, we are committed to responding promptly to your medical concerns while also emphasizing preventive care through health screenings, education and counseling.

Using modern record-keeping and effective staff coordination, we ensure that our skilled team provides you and your family with complete continuity of care for individual illnesses as well as your overall health. It is all part of our dedication to providing comprehensive services that are customized to every patient’s needs.

We pledge to be a true partner for your good health.

We promise to…

Provide the highest quality service with the best utilization of our resources.
Act honestly and ethically in all relationships.
Value and respect the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals.
Responsibly anticipate the needs of our community, and cooperatively work with our medical staff and community to provide a safe and seamless continuum of care.
Refer you for a further opinion when both you and the doctor treating you agree it is necessary and would be of benefit.
Keep the consultation and your records confidential.

What we ask of you is…

Keep your appointment, or let us know as soon as possible if you can’t.
To try and see the same doctor. We feel that the standard of care is greatly increased when the patient remains with one doctor.
If you move your residence, please inform the reception staff of your new address.
Let us know if you have any suggestions or cause for complaint as soon as possible.
Let us know when we have done well. We constantly strive to get better. The patient leaving our office smiling and satisfied is our achievement.

Orchard Medical Associates, LLC HealthCare Support Portal facilitates better communication with your physician’s office by providing convenient 24 x 7 access from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Access our Patient Portal.